We have been breeding for over 15 years. Due to our policy, we have been breeding several top horses over the last few years.

Our breeding mares have been performing in dressage sport. They are talented, healthy mares with top characters.

Our foals grow up in couples of 2. Since their young age, they are good in the hand. They are being vaccinated on yearly basis, they are used to transport and they regulary  go to the farrier.

At the age of 3, the horses are being broken and ridden under the saddle.

We love to see how our foals grow up, how their character is and how they behave while riding. This way, we can choose the perfect breeding stallions for our mares.

Hip Hop – Johnson x Gribaldi
Ziedaan - Krack C x Moreno - PSG
Fiana – Armani x Welt Hit II
Kognac – Franklin x Gribaldi
Faronyko – Johnson x Gribaldi
Folie Fatale – United x Moreno
Grappa – United x Moreno
Kianti – Bordeaux x Rohdiamant
Hermès – Wynton x Moreno
Très Bien Sijgje – Moreno x Focus – PSG
Esperanza – Rohdiamant x Castro – ZZ
Hip Hop & Hernando


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